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I've always felt Nature is some sort of escape for me, a place to relax and enjoy.


Baron of Lights

Ido as a “Maker” deep down his soul, he loves testing and playing with every sensor and controller he gets his hands on. His romance with controllers started almost a decade ago, and through those years - he met a lot of them.


Most of his creation can be found at Midburn ™ exhibitions, Mycophobia partys and interactive festivals that focus on lights.


Like every true artist, he is most alive when one of his creations affects a person:

“I always try to add an interactive dimension to my creations, and my goal is for once: make people play and make them play together. Whenever i see a pair playing with something i made, whether they are young or grown, i feel like i did something good.”


Iddo arrived to the Midburn for the first time in his life at May 2016, where he saw hundreds of LED exhibits in different sizes and shapes. And at that moment, when he felt like a kid in an amusement park, he understood that it is something he wants to do. That’s where the concept of Living Lights ™ was conceived.


As a ‘Kibutznik’ who grew up at a beautiful beach under the Carmel mountain, he could hop from life in nature and life in modern-industrial-society.


“I’ve always felt Nature is some sort of escape for me, a place to relax and enjoy - away from humans. At an older age i came to connect to nature even when i’m surrounded with friends and communities I love”.


Light, philosophically, is how we see the world. We are drawn to light - animals and humans alike. Once he discovered the ability to mobilize it and make it live, he understood the incredible opportunity to contact without words. Creating a message through code writing and electronic wiring. “I find it exciting for some reason”.

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